Woman’s Yoga Retreat, Fall 2018

Opening to the Feminine with Sue Flamm and Anke Schäfer


Yoga/ Meditation

Restorative Yoga/ Sound Bath

Dance/ Walking

Private sessions of Yoga or Massage


“I believe that by coming home to and embracing oneself with love, inner peace can be achieved and when this happens our outer world can change into a more peaceful place too” Sue Flamm

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Sue leads retreats on Yoga, Meditation, Women and Yoga and Yoga and Creative Writing which help you to:

Find Inner Peace
Increase Compassion in Your Heart
Connect with and Heal Your Body
Deepen your relationship with Your Higher Self
Create Community with Others
Connect with Nature
Eat Healthy Food Lovingly Prepared for You

Dates:  From Friday at 5 pm to after lunch on Sunday 

Includes: All vegetarian meals (six) Friday dinner thru Sunday lunch 

Daily Yoga/ Meditation Classes (8 sessions of yoga and or meditation offered)

One of our locations: The Mountain Retreat   A retreat house located just outside of Sagunto in the town of Segart 30 minutes from Valencia.  The house is tucked into the mountains with breathtaking views down to the sea.  The center has a few singles and double rooms with private shared baths in the hall.  The yoga space is large and peaceful with great views, there is a sweet meditation room that opens onto a terrace with more amazing views. There are plenty of spaces under the sky, trees and overhangs to gather and enjoy the healing energy of nature all around. The food is vegetarian, plentiful and lovingly prepared.  Your free time can be easily passed relaxing one of the terraces or walking into the mountains and enjoying the simplicity and beauty of nature around. The center is run by Antonia (80 + years old), but has more energy than a 50 year old and her daughter Rosa. 


You are welcome to one of our Retreats, to be a host or attend to this space of restoration contact