Master the art of teaching and practicing Restorative Yoga and deep relaxation with this easy to follow and well written manual. A great recourse for yoga teacher training programs, seasoned teachers and students of yoga. Includes a chapter on postures for pregnancy from conception to after birth and sequences for a variety of conditions. Includes over 100 photos to help you to understand each posture and a set of simple yet profound assists to take your students into deeper relaxation. With decades of teaching yoga to every level of practitioner in the US, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Europe, South Africa and China, Sue Flamm (Puja) delivers a clear, compassionate training manual to deepen your understanding of Restorative Yoga.

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This internationally best selling yoga manual will help you learn how to teach and practice Restorative Yoga.  
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Exceptional book! One of the best books on yoga I have ever seen!
This is an excellent book for new practitioners of yoga, practiced practitioners and teachers. The book contains the energy of peace, compassion and love. It offers depth and yet is simple and easy to read and understand. The photos are excellent and the descriptions are clear and informative without a lot of useless text. I would suggest this as a must have for all yoga teachers and anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of restorative yoga.

 B. Johnson

Great resource for home use or for teaching healing yoga. I love this book and I refer to it often as I plan my Yoga classes. It is a wonderful resource for therapeutic yoga. Great for body and mind healing. I highly recommend Sue Flamm’s Restorative Yoga Book.

 Judy Fuhrer, Yoga Teacher

Wow! This is a great book! I am really happy to have found this excellent book on restorative yoga. I run teacher training programs and have been looking for something that can really help my student teachers learn about how to assist their students in restorative postures. Puja Sue Flamm has done an excellent job of bringing together just the right mix of postures, assists, and instructions for practitioners and teachers. I will use this!!

 Patty Townsend, Teacher Trainer

From the myriad yoga books out there in the marketplace, if you are looking to benefit from yoga practices that will restore and renew, Sue Flamm’s  “Restorative Yoga With Assists” is one book to pluck from the shelves and purchase. I’ve known Sue for over 40 years. While not seeking attention from the popular media, she has maintained an ever-deepening spiritual practice and quietly gone about the inner business of personal healing and the outer business of bettering the lives of the people around her.  Her sincerity, authenticity, and compassion are well communicated through her instructional book. Here is a woman to invite into your life.

Alan Goldfarb

Sue Flamm’s new book on Restorative Yoga is a gift to anyone looking for a path to total relaxation. It’s mission of combining healthful yoga positioning with awareness, intelligence, and the reasoning behind that position, helps distill a practice that is beneficial to every part of the body. Her explanations are clear and concise. The photography is accurate and helpful. And all of it is discussed with love and reverence for healing the entire person. This is a woman who has done her homework, had years of impeccable training, and expresses it all with love. Treat yourself.

Sheilah Rae, Yoga Student

MUCH MORE THAN just a how-to book

Amaaazing inspiring guide for ANYONE. This is not just a yoga instruction manual for teachers. Beautifully leads you on a holistic journey into the world of yoga, meditation, care of the body and soul, in a clear and enlightening writing style.

Susan Webber

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